see you soon

the summer wind, came blowin in
- from across the sea
it lingered there, so warm and fair

- to walk with me

all summer long, we sang a song

and strolled on
golden sand

two sweethearts,
and the summer wind

like painted kites, those days and nights
- went flyin by

the world was new,
a blue
- umbrella sky

then softer than,
a piper man - one day
it called to you

and i lost you, to the
summer wind

2 comentários:

petroy disse...

... still, you're one of a kind
and no wind, sun or sand
could take you out of my mind ...

have a nice vacations

see u by the moon


moriana disse...

pomme-grenade :)

(petit roy au petit royaume oú habite une petite princesse sous la lune)

(dupla lua, esta noite. não te esqueças de olhar)