de roubos...

Select only things to steal from
that speak directly to your soul

new films , photographs
old films, music, books,
paintings, poems,
dreams, random conversations,
architecture, bridges, street signs, trees,
clouds,< bodies of water,
light and shadows.

Jim Jarmusch

4 comentários:

Jaime A. disse...

Steal heaven,
stars maybe.
Never steal a heart,
or a tiny cloud,
for they'll
hunt your soul
Steal me
when I'm standing still,
steal a violet,
or a bike.
Beware of your hands,
for they steal
nothing worthy;
a wearable cricket
is to find
in one's pocket.
Try a grain,
a bit of sand,
all kinds of air blowing.
Maybe they'll listen
to your diving
into a tricky foam
somewhere in Venus...

moriana disse...

"star"...starbucks, "try a grain", experimentei, adorei ;)

(as bolachinhas, o cheesecake, mmm, deliciosos)


Jaime A. disse...

lol!!! Ainda bem que gostaste :)

moriana disse...

gostei :)